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At 4 am, a very gruesome event took place. Theres nothing worse than waking up and seeing a bedbug scurrying toward your face and not being able to hardly move. I attempted to get up to turn on the light but my muscles wouldn't allow it due to muscle atonia, and the strain was almost painful, so I rested my body for a few seconds thinking it was just another really bad bedbug nightmare where I couldn't move at all. Moments later, I tried to get back up again, and this time my muscles worked, and I turned on the light, picked up my blanket, and looked at my mattress, and sure enough there was a blood-filled bastard running for his life away from where my leg was. Mom and I, have a little ritual where we put the bedbugs we find in a piece of paper towel, and take it outside to torch them live, so thats what I did, except it gladly ran into my envelope. Our family thought we had eradicated them, now I have to be the bringer of bad news.


United States

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